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Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoes 2022 - Review & Buying Guide

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


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Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoes

Price: £140-£160

Golf Grange Rating: 4/5

Key Features:

  • Full-Grain Leather Upper

  • Boost™ Light Midsole

  • TPU Outsole

  • 1-Year Waterproof Guarantee

Why Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoes?

The Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoes have been around for the past 17 years and were top of the shoe game when they came out. Adidas have done everything they can to make sure every new addition to the Tour 360 range has delivered something new but also provided the golfer features to improve both comfort and performance out on the goilf course.

There is a lot of backing behind the Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoe and many have come out to explain why. Adidas sportsman Xander Schauffele had this to say "I got to see first hand how much detail went into bringing this shoe to life and that was a really unique learning experience" Also Adidas upper management themselves claim that this is the "best perfoming model" they have ever created. If that is not enough to get you as excited as we are then we don't know what will. So lets get into why this is such a great golf shoe.


In a golf shoe comfort is an important factor, you do not want to be half way around the golf course and your feet start hurting because of poorly fitted golf shoes. Well the team at Adidas know this and have incorporated many features into the 360 Golf Shoe increase the comfort of your feet. A natural fit helps to cradle the foot in the most natural position possible which is of great benefit to the health of your feet.

The first feature in the Tour 360 Golf Shoes is the Boost Light Midsole, this is midsole is half the weight of the normal boost midsole material, don't think that this reduces the comfort of this midsole as it actually helps to cradle and support your feet, soak up shock and helps to reduce fatigue caused by long golf days and walking too much. So for half the weight you get double the comfort and stability. We will talk about the performance features of this midsole in the performance section of this review.

Secondly is the Geofit Collar which is soft padded area around the opening of the golf shoe. This helps to provided padded perfection around the top of your foot to your ankles. So not only will you feet be comfortable but the ankles will be given some form of cushioning, it really does make a difference to how your foot feels inside the shoe.

The TPU outsole also adds an elemnt of comfort to your feet. This is due to the flexibility of the outsole. The TPU outsole ensure your feet can move in the most natural way, creating the most natural movements of the foot decreasing the risk of any injuries and pains. Just another great feature the Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoes have to offer to keep your feet the most comfortable they can.

One last feature is the Insite Sockliner which is an inner inside the golf shoe which helps to cradle the contours of your feet, especially around the hard areas like the heel of the golf shoe. So there you have it all the comfort features of the 360 Golf shoes, keep reading to see how you get even more out of this golf shoe.


Some people believe the performance the golf shoe gives you is the most important and this is where the Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoe really comes into play. With many features that help to improve performance and also keep you at the top of your game. From the Spikemore traction system to the 3D Torsion system which provides more stability to the foot the features almost are never ending.

Let us start by talking about the Boost Light Midsole inside the Adidas Tour 360 Golf shoes, we have explained what they provide you in terms of comfort. Now we are going to talk about how they can enhance your performance. The energy return on the midosle is incredible, keeping every step and swing charged with an endless supply of quick and lightweight energy to give you that extra boost during your swing and climbing them hills.

Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoes
Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoes

Now the main event, the Spike system which Adidas has named Spikemore. The Spikemore system is different to many other golf shoes as the cleats are injected directly into the TPU outsole for a more direct and stable traction system. Increasing the durability of the cleats means that there is no more worrying about losing cleats and keeping 100% traction on the ground.


Adidas have always been at the forefront of sleek and stylish clothing and apparell, This is no different when it comes to the Tour 360 golf shoes. The typical 3 stripe Adidas look is in full view on the sides of the shoes mixed with a basic but subtle stylish exterior look. Depending on what colour variant you go for would depend how loud the look of the golf shoe is.

It is available in 2 different colour variations, white/black/blue & white/silver. Each brings their own unique look to the Tour 360 range. The white/black/blue range is a lot more colourful than it's counterpart with a multi-colour sole which gives the golf shoe a little bang.

Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoes
Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoes

Depending on your style as a golfer the Adidas 360 range should be able to accomodate. Giving you endless options for outfits and styles. If thats your thing then these golf shoes will suit your needs well.


So lets sum up the Adidas Tour 360 golf shoes, overall these golf shoes really hit the mark in the three main areas which are comfort, performance and style. The adidas team have done a great job at really looking into the fine details to make these the best tour 360 golf shoe they have created to date.

Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoe
Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoe

In terms of comfort Adidas have really stepped up their game and have made these some of the comfiest shoes around. From the boost midsole to the geofit collar, they have created a vast many upgrades to ensure your feet will stay as comfortable as they can be.

Performance is a big factor in these Tour 360 Golf shoes and it has really been thought of during the design process. The Spikemore system is one of the best features as it allows less worry about losing cleats and having to replace due to the nature of them being injected straight into the outsole.

If you like the sound and look of these shoes then please follow the link above or below to get your hands on a pair.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


Get Yours on American Golf Here:


Get Yours on Online Golf Here:



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