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Benross Aero X Driver Review - The Golf Grange

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Distance: 4/5

Forgiveness: 3/5

Feel: 3/5

The Golf Grange Verdict: 3/5

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Quick Summary

The Benross Aero X Driver has been specifically designed for golfers with a slower swing speed or the more senior of players. Due to the super lightweight titanium club head and its many impressive features, it is a great golf club for the beginner golfers and those wanting to work on technique.

Do not let the price fool you this is a well made driver, the features it has are all biased towards a high handicapper and those who have slow swing speeds.

This Driver offers golfers the chance to get more power and accuracy out of their swing. This club can increase club head speed due to its fitted graphite shaft and is one of the best drivers for those who struggle to get power. With that being said if you are an experienced golfers with a fast swing speed then this should not go with your other golf clubs.


  • Titanium 6A-4V Construction

  • Aero Crown (with air flow channel)

  • CT-Face Design

  • Ultra-lightweight Design

  • Sweet Spot Alignment

  • Fujikura Vista Pro Graphite Shaft


  • Great Value

  • Offers Explosive Power & Distance For Slow Swing Speeds

  • Higher Launch Angle


  • Non Adjustable Head and Hosel

  • Poor for fast swing speeds

Benross Aero X Driver Top View

Where To Buy:


American Golf


If you have stuck around for this bit it means you want to know more about the Driver. This is where we break down the three main areas of the 460 CC Driver. These are the Forgiveness, Distance and Feel of the Benros Aero X Driver. We will also run through the features and what they offer in terms of performance and why this is such a steal for Benross Drivers.

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So to start off as we have explained above, this Driver is mostly suited for those with a slower swing speed. Because of this the Driver needs to be able to increase clubhead speed on the downstroke so you can get maximum distance out of it. Due to the lightweight materials used and the more efficient air flow, Benross have made this possible and created a High MOI Driver.

Mixing these together makes for an impressive smash factor and increased ball speed off the face of the club. In turn increasing the amount of distance you can get from this club.

Benross Aero X Driver Front View

As a slower swinger and high handicapper golfer getting the ball off the ground is paramount and due to the high-launch technology this is very possible. Due to the high launch angle this adds an extra couple of yards to each Drive. Giving you much more distance than you thought from this club.

When we used it compared to others Drivers of it type we found that we were adding an extra 10-15 yards per drive than other drivers. Unfortunately, due to the design of this club shot shaping is very difficult which is why we would not recommend this to an experienced golfer.

Golf Grange Rating: 4/5


So as a high handicapper golfer you need all the help you can get with your golf clubs. Forgiveness is a key factor as it helps you to focus on your game and your golf stroke. This isn't one of the most forgiving Drivers of the range but it does offer help to those who need it.

Due to a large sweet spot on the CT face of the club you can mis-hit shots and still get a good amount of distance out of this driver.

The Benross Aero X Driver has a high launch angle which helps you to get the ball of the tee easier than other drivers. This can help a slow swinger and a high handicapper as it means you don't need as much power in your swing to create a great ball flight.

Golf Grange Rating: 3/5


When you get a new Driver all you want to do is have it in your hands and give some golf balls a good smack. The Benross Aero X Driver does feel rather nice in your hands and the flex of the shaft really gives you a sense of optimum control.

The same can be said when you strike the ball., due to the impressive feature of the air flow channel the club head feels like it slices through the air as you swing. It really has a confidence-boosting range when it comes to feel.

Benross Aero X Driver Back View

While holding the club you get a sense of confidence without even addressing the ball, which for a beginnner or high handicapper is perfect.

Overall the club feels great in your hands and really does give a nice whack when you strike the golf ball. We would like a better sound off the face of the club when the ball is struck but we can't have everything can we.

Golf Grange Rating: 3/5


If you are still here, that measn you are looking for a little bit more information. So we have got it for you let's look into what the features of this club bring to the Driver.

Aero Crown

The Aero Crown features an air flow channel which helps to reduce drag and create a more efficient air flow on the downstroke of the driver.

This in turn helps to increase the club head speed resulting in more power on the Drive.

Man Hitting A Driver

CT Face Design

The CT Face Design helps to increase ball speed during the strike of the golf ball.

This is done by using variable face thickness increasing the weight of the club head behind the golf ball. Increasing the speed of the club head and the weight behing the ball on impact.


All in all this is a great Driver for the Price. We would recommend this Driver for anyone who has a slow swing speed and for anyone who is just starting out in golf. It would also be a great driver for the higher handicapper golfers due to its forgiveness and feel.

There are a lot of impressive features which do help to create a great Driver. If your looking for a driver that will help you get your ball off the Tee and in the air whilst helping to increase distance for the slow swing speeds, this could be the driver for you.

Unfortunately if you are looking for a driver where you can adjust the setup to your liking then this is not the Driver for you. It is a standard setup which is good for beginners but not for the more experienced players.

Overall this is a great Driver and we would recommend it to anyone struggling to get power off the Tee.


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