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Golf Shoe Review: Under Armour Men's Draw Sport Slide Golf Shoe

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Under Armour Draw Sport SL Golf Shoes

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Under Armour Draw Sport SL Golf Shoes

Price: £80-£100


  • Charged Cushioning midsole eva footbed

  • Never-Wet treatment to keep your feet cool and dry

  • US Rotational Resistance outsole

  • Synthetic Durable microfiber leather upper


  • Great for players on a budget

  • Ideal for dry and flat golf courses

  • The traction system is good for a spikeless golf shoe

  • Fit true to size


  • Not ideal for wet courses or for steep hilly courses

  • These golf shoes lack the quality of the upper models


Why The Under Armour Draw Sport SL Golf Shoes

Are you looking for a great pair of spikeless golf shoes that you can rely on? Then look no further than the Under Armour Draw Sport Slide Golf Shoes. These golf shoes can offer a lot for a golfer in terms of comfort, performance and how they look. With the likes of Jordan Spieth being sponsored by under armour and many other proffesional golfers, the Under Armour Golf brand speaks for itself.

Pair Of Under Armour Draw Sport SL Golf Shoes

These Under Armour golf shoes are no different. Yes they may not be made of the some of the highest quality materials but for the price of this shoe you are getting a real deal.

The great shoe offers a lot in terms of comfort, comfort we would say is probably the biggest Pro with this pair of golf shoes. Under Armour have ensured they creat a flexible feel without comprimising the comfort of the shoe. With the added comfort of the Spikeless outsole makes for this shoe to be one of Under Armours comfiest shoes.



So let's start off with comfort of the UA Draw Sport Spikeless golf shoes. The main benefit of these shoes is that they are extremely lightweight and really do feel like a very comfortable pair of trainers around the course.

This is helped by the moulded eva cushioned footbed which helps to absorb the weight you are carrying and dampen the feel on your ankles and the sole of your feet.

Side Profile Of Under Armour Draw Sport SL Golf Shoes

These shoes also include a low profile ankle collar which help to gain support and comfort on the your ankles as you are walking the course.

Due to these golf shoes being spikless you do not have to worry about spikes pushing up through the golf shoe into the base of your foot. Newer golf shoes these days are usually pretty good when it comes to keeping your feet cushioned and these shoes are no different.

As well as all the features we have listed these golf shoes have a flexible feel and can move and bend more than most other golf shoes. A problem with other golf shoes is that they can feel stiff and rigid, with these you do not get that.

The shoes are made from a lightweight microfibre upper which can hekp to maintain a reasonable temperature so you wont be drowning in sweat by the end of your round. Here at The Golf Grange we really do think they offer a great amount of comfort for the money.

There are definitely better golf shoes on the market that can offer extreme comfort and ultimate feel, but you would be paying double if not triple the price for these golf shoes. Such as these:

Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes

Footjoy Pro SL Golf Shoes



Performance is a big aspect of why we need golf shoes, whether its to keep our feet frimly grounded during the set up of our golf swing or helping to keep a little freedom during our stroke. The Under Armour Draw Sport SL Golf shoes offer some great traction.

The traction on these golf shoes comes from the UA Rotational Resistance Outsole, which offers lightweight lockdown traction. We can usually be a bit skeptical about how much grip a pair of spikeless golf shoes can offer but these seem to do the job and help to keep you planted to the floor during majority of your round.

Sole View Of Under Armour Draw Sport SL Golf Shoes

They will not do much if you play in wet weather or you play regualrly on a particularly hilly golf course. We would definitely recommend spiked golf shoes then. If thats you then take a look at what else we have reviewed for spiked golf shoes:

Adidas Tour 360

A lot of golf shoes fall down when it comes to flexibility in the golf shoe but these have an ultimate responsiveness which you usually do not find on a pair of golf shoes at this price. The flexibity of these golf shoes helps to keep you fluid during your swing and ultimately help you to hit that perfect shot.

So, all in all the performance of this golf shoe is great. If your playing in dry conditions or if you play a relatively flat course then these golf shoes will be perfect for you. The added bonus is that you can transfer straight form the course to the club house wihtout changing, which makes that first drink after feel 10 times better.



We believe that you don't really get much more classic looking Under Armour golf shoes than these. The solid block colour with the big Under Armour logo makes them look fantastic and if your a classic golf shoe guy these would be perfect for you.

Black Pair Of Under Armour Draw Sport SL Golf Shoes

Available in two colours Black and White the choice is simple, these golf shoes are not looking to be any m,re than a good solid pair of spikeless golf shoes that look great.

If these golf shoes sound like something you could be interested in then please find out the prices below.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


Get Your Pair on Amazon Here:



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