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Nike Roshe Golf Shoe - Review & Buying Guide

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe
Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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Nike Roshe G Golf Soes

Price: £50-£100

Golf Grange Rating: 4/5

Stromberg Shoe Features:

  • Breathable Mesh Uppers

  • Phylon Midsole

  • Spikeless Outsole

  • Flexible Stability & Rotational Support

Why The Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes?

So your looking for a new pair of golf shoes for them beautiful days out on the golf course in the warm, hot weather conditions. Well we have got some of the best Nike Golf Shoes on the market for the price at the moment.

These are the Nike Roshe Golf Shoe.

This spikeless golf shoe is both lightweight and breathable, meaning you won't have to be dragging these around on your feet like two bricks. They are not your traditional golf shoe and have a trainer like quality to them. Meaning you could wear these both on and off the golf course with no hassle and great ease.

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe
Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe

These golf shoes hit all the right areas in what you would want from a shoe, very comfortable, perform well in the dry and hot conditions and they look iconically fantastic. Just by looking great, the golf balls flight will rise purely on confidence.

So lets check out some more in depth specifications below.


Firstly the Nike Roshe G Tour Golf Shoes provide you with an ultimate cushioned feel to feed your feet all day comfort from the golf shoe. Not only this but they are some of the best lightweight shoes on the market. The breathable mesh uppers make for a great way to provide a solid air flow to your feet.

Ensuring the Nike Roshe G Shoes provide a sweat free experience.

The foam midsole also creates a fantastically soft but cushioned bed for the sole of your feet. The flexible midsole offers soft but lightweight cushioning to make these a pair of very comfortable golf shoes.

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe Back
Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe Back

The way these golf shoes have been designed is for comfort.. High sided walls make for a way to engulf your whole foot creating a soft plush bubble of comfort around your feet.

The body of the golf shoe is made from lightweight mesh. This means that although they are extremely comfortable, they won't be very helpful if the weather turns to rain and wet days. A different fully waterproof shoe may be the best way to go if this is something your looking for. Check out some of our waterproof golf shoe reviews below.


So you know these golf shoes have got the comfort but have they got the performance. Well the quick answer to that is 'Yes'.

First of all there is a Gusset on the tounge which helps to keep debris like leaves and twigs from finding their way into your shoe, causing you discomfort all day.

The integrated traction pattern also delivers fantastic grip on the golf course. More than you would think from a pair of spikeless golf shoes. Granted they only perfrom well in warm dry conditions, if the golf course becomes wet or is a very hilly course then these golf shoes are not the ones that would suit you.

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe Sole View
Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe Sole View

The traction system also includes rubber traction pods which essentially are pressure points in which the grip is placed as you need it the most.

Also the golf shoe is designed with a high sidewall, this helps to give great support and rotational stability. This helps to keep your feet strong during your swing and helps you to not become unbalanced.

Nike have done well at ensuring performance matters when it comes to spikeless golf shoes. The spikeless outsole offers both excellent traction but also provides key zones in whch traction is at its highest.

The Nike Golf Roshe G Tour Golf Shoes do include a waterproof lining which helps to keep out some moisture, but doesn't do a fantastic job. So ensure you don't wear these golf shoes in very wet conditions or your feet will be drowning.


If its a classic golf shoe look your going for then maybe the Nike Roshe G Tour Golf Shoes are not for you. These shoes have got a more Nike modern look. The Nike icon is in full display on the side which always raises some eyebrows.

The golf shoes are almost trainer like, meaning they can be seen as sport shoes or more athletic golf shoes rather than your traditional loafers. This is where the world of golf shoes is heading, towards a sleeker more modern looking golf shoe.

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe
Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe

These shoes come in both black and white. Making for an easy choice if your a outfit matching kind of person. As they are plain block colours they can easily go with almost any look.

You will not only feel great, but you will look great as well.


So all in all these golf shoes are great, both comfortable and perform well in dry conditions. The lightweight feel on your feet are great, making you feel like your wearing a pair of socks.

The integrated traction pattern is really good at keeping your feet grounded during your swing and these will be a really good addition to anyones golf equipment.

The Nike Roshe Golf Shoe offer great support and for a pair of spikeless golf shoes they are some of the best on the market to date.

If these sound like a pair of golf shoes that could be suited to you then please follow the links below or above to get your hands on a pair of your own.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Get Your Pair on Amazon Here:



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