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Nike Vapor Pro Driver Review

Why The Nike Vapor Pro Driver?

The Nike Vapor Driver range is a great range of driver for all skill levels, it consists of the Nike Vapor Speed Driver, The Nike Vapour Pro Driver and the Nike Vapor Fly Driver, there is also a Nike Vapor Flex Driver as well. We are going to be looking at the Nike Vapor Pro Driver review and give you everything you need to decide if this is the right driver for you.


  • Great for distance

  • Good for players with fast swing speeds/ strong swings

  • Penetrating ball flight

  • Medium range forgiveness

  • Premium construction

  • Good for shot shaping

  • Looks excellent if you like bold colours


  • Players with slower swing speeds will struggle

  • The eccentric look isn't for everyone

  • Not as forgiving for beginner golfers


Nike Vapor Drivers in all models have a lot of enhancing features. This one in particular has some key technologies that can really aid in the tee shot of many players. Better players with a good swing will see more benefit from these features shown below:

  • Nike Golf 460cc Driver head

  • Covert cavity back

  • Flexiloft adjustable hosel from 8.5" to 12.5" loft

  • The NexCOR face, Compression Channel and Flybeam structure help to stabilise the chassis and increase ball speeds.

Covert Cavity Back Design

The coloured covert cavity at the back of the club head or 'volt' as it is referred to is the 3rd version to reach the high street and golf stores of its kind.

The flybeams located in the cavity help to not only strengthen the cavity and add a structural element but they also help to break up the very bald colour, it helps to create a more stable club head.

This flybeam construction also help to increase the Moment Of Inertia (MOI) by shifting the weight to the club heads perimeter which helps to create a more stable and forgiving driver. For a fast swing speed a higher MOI is beneficial.

Compression Channel

The compression channel works in unison with the covert cavity. It helps to let the club face flex a little and have a spring-like effect, which if hit properly can result in some explosive distance off the tee and increase the carry distance.

The channel was left out of the previous drivers in this range as including too many features wasn't feasible but this Nike driver includes all of the best features.

Being wide at the heel of the club head and the toe, with a narrower channel in the centre helps to create a solid feel on impact of the golf ball, leaving you all set up for perfect launch conditions.

Flexiloft 2.0

The adjustable hosel of the Flexiloft 2.0 can cycle through 5 different settings in terms of loft, this ranges from 8.5" to 12.5" in increments of 1". So, if you would like a high launch or a low launch you can have either at any given time.

There is second ring which can help you select different face angles. You can select neutral, or you can move the middle of the face 1.5 Degrees to the left or to the right. Having a choice of face angle settings can help golfers who have a natural draw or fade to really tune in their driver and get the best out of their golf club.

Nike Vapour Pro Driver Review

This Driver is aimed at mid-handicappers and players with a moderate swing speed, it is a very competent driver which will suit most mid handicappers and result in a faster ball speed. The look of the driver is what stands out the most. the bold bright green or yellow (depending on your perspective) cut into the black face of the club head. We think it is a real statement piece, it’ no wonder Rory Mcilroy enjoyed playing with this one.

Not only is this a great performing Driver but for all of its features and performance enhancing capabilities it is great value. Looking at around the £120-£180 mark you will get a good deal.


If you are lucky enough to have a moderate to fast swing speed then the Nike Vapor Pro Driver can do real wonders for your distance. Due to the club head attribute of having low spin off the face you can really give it the beans. Also due to the low spin it is a very penetrative ball flight , cutting through breezy days and even at a higher launch angle you can great distance.

As there is less spin it means your ball will have a larger carry distance so get ready for some great yardage gains if this club is struck properly. In terms of spin this club does excellent in keeping the spin rates low and really works on giving you straight forward shots that you can manage easily.

In terms of sweet spots, the club face mainly has a large sweet spot, meaning off center hits and mis hits will have more chance of still seeing good distance with relative accuracy. Within this larger sweet spot there is another sweet spot which if struck properly can give you another dose of distance, almost another 20+ yards on average we have seen. Skilled players will be able to find this more and will benefit most from this extra sweet spot.


When it comes to forgiveness Nike have given the Vapor Pro Driver some real thought, what they have come up with is a driver that when mis-hit, will still maintain a reasonable distance as well as keeping a relatively good line.

As with most golf drivers a strike at the top of the club face will result in a high trajectory while a strike at the lower portion of the club face will result in a lower trajectory. So, if you do top the ball, you will have the same result as any other driver on the market.

Overall, it offers a reasonable amount of forgiveness, but we would not recommend a beginner to use this Driver, if you’re a beginner looking for a great driver then please check out our article below:

The players that will benefit most from this driver are mid handicappers with moderate to high swing speeds. First time golfers should stay clear of this driver as it could do more harm than good.

Sound & Feel

In terms of sound and feel this club definitely hits the top of the charts, good center strikes will produce a sound that is not metallic and has no echo but a sound that is immensely satisfying and will have you coming back for more and more. The definitive 'twang' as we have called it here is the best sound that comes out of a driver and a good shot will produce this over and over again. Inspiring much confidence into your golf game.

The feel of this club in your hands is fantastic, whether you have the stock shaft or another shaft completely, the club head still feels like a powerful brute in your hands. It is also a great Driver for achieving the desired shot shape.

We think it’s due to the structure of the club and the centre of gravity that it has, there is something about holding this golf club which inspires confidence and really gets the blood pumping. We can't explain it, you just have to try one out for yourself.

Our Final Verdict

So, our final verdict. The Nike Vapor Pro Driver is great for golfers who are looking to upgrade their current driver from a beginner and start looking at something that can offer more than just forgiveness.

This is what you get with the Vapor Pro driver, it is still forgiving enough to give you a bit of security off the tee, but if struck in the sweet spot can give you some excellent yardage gains.

As well as adding forgiveness and extra distance the Vapor Pro Driver offers a lot of customisation which can help you to achieve the perfect loft and face angle to suit your driving style.

It is better suited to players with moderate to fast swing speeds as the low spin capability of the driver works well with a fast ball speed.

So, if this sounds like something that is up your alley please take a look below at where you can get yourself one. As they are not manufactured anymore your best off looking on eBay or some discount golf stores online.


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