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Golf Shoe Review: Callaway Golf Men's Chev Mulligan S Lightweight Waterproof Spiked Golf Shoe

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

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Price: £50-£100

  • Opti-vent Mesh Liner

  • Big Bertha Power Cleat

  • Opti-soft EVA Midsole

  • 100% Waterproof Leather


  • Premium Comfort

  • Great heat Management

  • Premium Leather


  • Quality of the build is not brilliant. Have been known to come apart if they are not looked after

  • Have been known to let water in occasionally


Why The Callaway Chev Mulligan S Golf Shoe

Callaway have really stepped up their game to produce this golf shoe. Not only does this golf shoe offer optimum traction but they have temperature regulation properties which can keep your feet feeling fresh after a round of golf.

They have their issues as most shoes do, but the main issue is if they are not looked after properly then they can easily start to deteriorate and fall apart which would unfortunately make them lose their waterproof status.

Chev Mulligan White

They also have a great modern classic look which is subtle and not in your face. So, if you’re after an unassuming pair of golf shoes these could be right for you.


Comfort is key when it comes to golf shoes and the Callaway Chev Mulligan S Shoes do hit the spot in that area. This is done by utilising a few features that make the walk feel like a breeze in these comfortable shoes and keeping them at the correct temperature is a bonus. With the added element of being waterproof shoes what could go wrong.

Firstly, and the most comfortable part of this shoe is the Opti-Soft Eva Midsole with added support and cushioning and is a tested Callaway comfort footbed. This helps to keep the sole of your feet feeling fresh from hole 1-18 on the golf course. All you have to do is concentrate on is using your golf clubs.

Chev Mulligan White And Red

This golf shoe also features a Opti-Vent Mesh lining which not only helps to keep your feet temperature regulated but also helps to keep moisture out of the inside of the shoe. As well as this liner the shoe features a waterproof breathable membrane layer to give you that added bit of protection and the waterproof upper helps to keep your feet nice and dry.

All in all we believe this golf shoe does feel great on your feet and you won't be needing to change them to quickly after your round.



These shoes are made with high quality leather which is great for waterproofing but also the leather uppers are still quite flexible meaning you won't feel like you’re wearing a pair of golf shoes made from wood. As we have said above, the construction is not the best so if you do not look after your golf shoes then they will more than likely fall apart.

Chev Mulligan Sole View

The Big Bertha cleats are a great addition to the Chev Mulligan Golf Shoe and teamed up with the additional longer traction elements offer some solid ground contact out on the golf course. This high-performance soft cleat not only provides superior support than the majority of golf shoes, but the soft spike means that you don't have to worry about the spikes pushing up through your sole.

We believe these golf shoes would perform great in all kinds of weather. Ideally if you’re playing on hard dry ground then maybe a pair of spikeless golf shoes would suit you best. Take a look at some below.


In terms of style the new Chev Mulligan S Golf Shoe has quite a lot to offer. Callaway golf have done a great job at creating a classic looking smart shoe. This laced shoe features a sport oxford lacing system which helps to give it a sleek and classic look. without compromising on maximum comfort.

Sometimes golf shoe manufacturers focus too much on the comfort and performance of the golf shoe and forget that people want them to look good.

Chev Mulligan Black

This golf shoe is available in three colours, White, Black and a mixture of both. This means you can match them to any outfit you desire and know that they will bring a modern classic look with them.

We think they are some of the best-looking golf shoes that Callaway have produced in recent years, and we hope that they keep up the good work.

If you like the look of these golf shoes, then please click the link below to get a pair of your own.


Get Yours On Amazon Here:


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