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Stromberg Tempo Spikeless Golf Shoes - Review & Buying Guide

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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Stromberg Tempo Spikeless Golf Shoes

Price: £40-£65

Golf Grange Rating: 3.5/5

Stromberg Shoe Features:

  • Mesh & TPU Film

  • EVA Midsole

  • Spikeless Rubber Outsole

  • 1-Year Waterproof Guarantee

Why The Stromberg Tempo Spikeless Shoes?

So Stromberg have really been pushing their golf equipment and apparell over the last couple of years.Creating stylish golf shoes and many more different pieces of equipment they have an extensive range which you should definitely check out. These Stromberg Tempo Spikeless Golf Shoes are no different,

By mixng the look of sporty golf shoes with waterproof protection and creating a golf shoe that has maximum performance features. Stromberg have really pushed out some of the best spikeless golf shoes in their range and taking these onto the golf course will really help improve your game of golf.

From the high-rebound cushioning to the low profile eva midsole this shoe really does provide maximum walking comfort.These are a great pair of summer golf shoes and Stromberg have done everything they can to make these some of the best golf shoes they have designed to this date.


So lets start with comfort. First off the Stromberg Tempo Spikeless shoe are a waterproof shoe but they include a lot of features that we think are fantastic. The low profile eva insole helps to create a safe and comfortable platfrom for your feet, including creating high rebound cushioning to aid in energy return on your golf swing.

The moulded eva insole is great for keeping your feet feeling comfortable on a long day hitting golf balls. By having a more ergonomic insole you get a more natural placement of your feet making walking feel like a breeze. This mixed with the upper performance cushioned midsole which provides an extra element of comfort to the spikeless designs that Stromberg have created.

You will have nno worries when it comes to wet weather as this new spikeless shoe is waterproof. Ensuring your feet stay nice and dry when out in the wet conditions. One draw back would be the synthetic leather which looks okay and does the job but just feels a little clunky if thats the right word. A bit too bulky for traditional golf shoes .


So lets talk about What the Stromberg Tempo Spikeless golf shoes have in terms of performance. Firat of all the spikeless outsole offers a great deal of traction with multi direction grip and there is no need to worry about the feeling of metal spikes coming through the sole of the shoe as these are a spikeless design.

The soft spikes or spikeless sole offer more traction than you would believe and when worn in the right conditions will be better than a pair of spikeless shoes as they are lighter and more comfortable. The energy return that comes from the eva insole is great to help transfer energy from your feet into your golf swing, offering more than a normal pair of golf shoes would.

To top it all off ithe waterproof performance of this shoe is great for the price and you would not have to worry about water ingress on any rounds of golf you choose to wear these shoes in.


This golf shoe offers a more modern design than your traditional golf shoes and with the different colour options you can really get any look you want. They will look great for any beginner golfer but also for the casual golfer.

From the white and blue to the black and lime they can really get your style juices flowing (if thats what your in to). If not then you just get a great looking pair of spikeless golf shoes which offer great value,


All in all we believe these golf shoes to be of great value to any golfer looking at replacing or changing to a new spikeless golf shoe. Great in dry conditions but also great on wet grass, any further than wet grass and maybe you should be thinking about a spiked pair of golf shoes to give you that extra stability on poor ground.

These would be a great choice and the specification vs the value of these shoe is great, from being water resistant to its off-course versatility you will really not go worng with a pair of Stromberg Tempo Spikeless Golf Shoe.

If your a more seasoned golfer you may need something that has that edge performance wise, if thats the case then check out some of our other reviews below:

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Get Your Pair on Amazon Here:


Get Your Pair on American Golf Here:


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