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Top 10 Best Beginner Golf Club Sets 2023 - Review & Buying Guide (Updated 2023)

Updated: May 12

Best Beginner Golf Club Sets
Best Beginner Golf Club Sets

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Best Beginner Golf Club Sets

So, you have finally got the bug like millions of others before you, the bug to become a golfer. Whether that means you’re going all in or you just want to play on occasion, you will need a set of golf clubs.

This is the reason why we have decided to create a list for you on The Best Beginner Golf Club Sets. As a new golfer it can be quite daunting finding beginner sets.

Having your own set of golf clubs will mean you do not have to hire out the dusty old set at your local clubhouse. A lot of the time people think it costs a lot of money to have your own set of clubs but fear not.

Yes, you could spend thousands of pounds on a set of golf clubs, but we really do not recommend this as a beginner or someone who is new to golf.

In reality you can get a great set of golf clubs from anywhere between £200 - £800. Anything lower than this (unless there is a good sale on) would most likely be for sub-par golf clubs, that may easily break or bend on you.

We have created this list so that does not happen to you, and you can find the right clubs for you.

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Here are the results:

Best Overall Beginner Golf Club Set

Rife RX5 Package Set (Updated 2023)

 Rife RX5 Package Set

We think these hit all the boxes for a beginner set and if you want a best all-rounder we believe this is the best set you. These golf clubs are great for any skill level, the ease of use between clubs is brilliant and a great option for a beginner. This set is new for 2023 but Rife have taken everything great about its predeccessor and improved it with the Rife RX5 Package Set. Get yours below.

American Golf


Best Budget Beginner Golf Club Set

Callaway Strata Golf Club Set

Callaway Strata Golf Club Set
Callaway Strata Golf Club Set

We believe this set gives you the most bang for your buck. It includes everything you need and more. From all the clubs to the bag. You won’t go wrong if you’re trying to save some money as these are the best value. Get yours below.




Best Premium Beginner Golf Club Set

Callaway Warbird Golf Club Set

Callaway Warbird Golf Club Set
Callaway Warbird Golf Club Set

This Golf club set has the most premium golf clubs put of all these sets. in our opinion they the best golf clubs out of any of the sets. The price bracket is a lot higher for this reason. So if you have got the money and are planning to play a lot of golf, this could be the one for you. Get yours below.


American Golf


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If not let’s have a look at what you should be looking for in a set of beginner golf clubs.


What Golf Clubs Should Be In A Beginner Golf Club Set

When choosing a set of golf clubs, you should be looking for a set that consists of 9-11 clubs. The best beginner golf clubs include these.

Regulation wise you can have up to 14 golf clubs in your bag but as a beginner and a high handicapper we recommend starting with less.

Actually, we recommend you go for a smaller set and get used to playing with all of the standard clubs before venturing to the more specialist clubs.

A golf set should consist of the clubs below:

If your finding full golf club sets missing any of these clubs then we recommend to start looking elsewhere, we would not class this as a complete golf set.

If your looking for golf clubs individually then check out our individual golf clubs for beginners here:

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What To Look For In A Beginner Golf Club Set

So, we have shown you what clubs you should find in any new beginner golf club set but how do you know if these golf clubs are any good.

Well, we have looked through these sets of golf clubs for you and based our reviews on 3 main areas.

  • Price or Cost

  • Forgiveness

  • Quality

Price Or Cost

We have included a range of golf club sets that are great for any beginner, but like everything there is a great difference in price.

This can come down too many factors. It could be because you are getting more clubs for your money.

Another reason for a higher price point is that the set includes a golf bag. Believe it or not, not all golf sets come with a bag so a higher price could mean this.

Then there are the extras such as golf head covers and golf bag rain hoods. These are all great additions but not paramount to the Best Beginner Golf Club Sets.


As a beginner it can be difficult to strike the ball properly, resulting in what we would call a duff. The idea behind a Golf Club Set For Beginners is that the clubs have to be forgiving and help you develop your swing properly.

This means that the sweet spot on beginner clubs are a lot larger leaving less room for error and more room for a player to develop his or her on swing style and strike the ball properly.

Not only is this good for development but also from an enjoyment point of view, but don’t worry even seasoned veterans of the game have duff shots so you won’t be alone.

If you are not a beginner and your looking for a great set of irons then check out our article: Best irons for Mid Handicappers

Check out this video on tips for a beginner’s golf club swing


Finally we look at the quality of the golf sets. There would be nothing worse than making a reasonable investment to start a new hobby for within 6 months to a year have your brand new golf club set break on you. This is what we are here to do, vet out the golf club sets that are not up to standard.

That would really suck the enjoyment out of the game but also cost you a lot more money in the long run. This is something we definitely want to avoid.

The quality issues can range from every aspect on a golf club, from the club head to the shaft or the grip and in some unfortunate cases it can come from all three.

Our list of the Best Beginner Golf Club Sets will be here to help you make an informed decision. We in no way are paid by any manufacturer to sway you in different directions. The choice at the end of the day is yours, (we just want to help).

This is why this list consists of a lot of well-known golf brands, as they come with a certain standard of quality and reputation.

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Right, lets get to the good part and start looking at the Best Beginner Golf Club Sets.