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Why Do We Need Golf Shoes?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Golf Shoes are a very important piece of Golf equipment when out on a round of Golf. Not only do they keep you looking stylish but they offer a hell of a lot more than that. With thousands of pairs of Golf Shoes out there you will definitely find the perfect pair for you.

So What Do Golf Shoes Do?

Golf shoes are needed when playing the beautiful game of golf for two main reasons. Reason one being they help to give you grip on the course. We have all been there, looking to hit the perfect iron shot into the green and just on the downstroke 'BAM' your foot slips out of place and your ball has just sailed 150 yards to the right of the hole. A good pair of Golf Shoes will help you keep your feet planted when swinging your Golf club and will allow you to nail that iron shot.

Both spiked and spikeless Golf Shoes offer this grip, both for different applications. A spiked shoe is used more on soft ground or wet conditions and are especially helpful when playing a hilly Golf course. Spikeless Golf Shoes are made for more firm ground with gentle slopes and gradients. So picking your Golf Shoe depending on the conditions you are playing in is a good idea. Each type of Golf Shoe has its benefits.

If you are Still wondering what type of golf shoe will suit you then maybe you need to look at Why Do Golf Shoes Have Spikes? and Why You Should Get Spikeless Golf Shoes.

Reason 2 is to help keep your feet as comfortable as they can be. Whether that means keeping your feet dry when the weather is bad or helping to keep your feet ventilated when it is a humid, sweaty day. They are also built to last the long arduous walks around a round of 18 holes, you don't want a shoe that starts splitting as you get half way round letting in all the conditions and potentially messing up your upcoming shots. So choosing a well built, hard wearing Golf Shoe is essential when Golf Shoe shopping.

Do You Have To Wear Golf Shoes?

You will find at almost any Golf Course they will ask to wear proper attire including some sort of Golf shoe, Spiked or spikeless. The reason being is because when on the Golf course the green keepers want to keep the course looking as beautiful and defect free as possible. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause you to slip more often increasing the amount of divots and rough patches on the course.

Mainly though the Golf Shoes are needed when using the Greens, because of the way the Golf Shoes are made when standing on the green the weight is distributed between all the different spikes which only make tiny incisions into the green. Causing far less damage than a regular shoe or trainer which would just leave a heavy imprint in the green leading to very angry green keepers (no-one wants that). So respect the rules of the course and get yourself a pair of well made Golf Shoes which will not cause any excess damage to the landscape of the course.

So not only do you need Golf Shoes to play a round of Golf but they are actually very helpful. If you want to know If Golf Shoes Will Improve Your Game Click Here.

Can Golf Shoes Be Stylish?

Gone are the days when Golf Shoes used to be the most unnatractive piece of equipment you could own. These days Golf Shoe designers are at the forefront of there craft. Creating great looking shoes which do not effect the performance of a Golf Shoe. Using memory foam and brand new lightweight materials Golf Shoes are now 100 times more comfortable than they used to be. Feeling the spikes poking through the bottom of your shoe is the worst feeling you can get on the Golf Course and luckily a thing of the past.

As well as being a hell of alot more comfortable Golf Shoe designers are using new materials to increase the waterproofness of the Golf Shoe without risking encasing your shoe in its own ball of heat. Shoes are now more ventilated meaning you can say goodbye to sweaty feet on the course and enjoy the round of golf with you friends.

So all in all Golf Shoes are not only mandatory on almost every Golf course, but they offer alot of benefits. Extra grip for your big shots and important swings, offering waterproofness so your feet dont get soaked in a random monsoon that you didnt see on the news. Lastly giving that little bit extra razzle to your Golfing Attire keeping you looking great (even if your golf sucks, like us).

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


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