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Wilson D9 Irons Review - The Golf Grange

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Wilson D9 Irons Views

Distance: 4/5

Forgiveness: 3/5

Feel: 3/5

The Golf Grange Verdict: 3.5/5

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The Golf Grange Quick Summary

If you are looking for a set of irons to improve your game and take it to the next level, look no further than the Wilson D9 Iron Set. They offer help in both distance and getting the golf ball in the air comfortably due to higher launch angles. In the same breath though, these irons don't leave a lot in terms of shot shaping and spin.

If you are an experienced golfer these may not work for you. If your looking for a set of premium irons for a good price then look no further. You get a great amount of forgiveness from these Wilson irons.

Wilson D9 Iron Back


  • Ultra Thin Face

  • Wilson's lowest-ever center of gravity

  • Power holes 2.0


  • A good amount of forgiveness

  • Easy to get in the air

  • Very easy to hit

  • Classed as Game-improvement Irons

  • Good Forgiveness


  • Not great for spin

Where To Buy:


American Golf


If your still reading it means you are in the ultimate pursuit of game-improving performance and need all the information you can get to make a decision. Lets take a deeper dive into these Wilson clubs and see what they can offer you in terms of game improvement irons.


Due to the low centre of gravity on these irons you get a very low amount of spin. Well this is not great for control around the greens and adding that backspin on your golf balls, it does help with distance. It helps to maximise distance due to the golf ball having a greater run off because of the low spin amount.

Also due to a larger sweet spot it is easier to hit the ball flush, even mis-hits will still fly across the golf course. Instilling confidence with every shot and getting maximum distance out of every swing.

The clubs also come with a very lightweight shaft which measn you can get a maximum speed, resulting in more power pushing through the golf ball.

Golf Grange Rating: 4/5

Wilson D9 Irons Front View


The first thing to take into consideration is the expanded sweet spot on the clubface of the Wilson D9 Irons. This helps golfers to achieve great strikes even if the ball is not hit flush.

Mis-hits and off-cnetre hits still manage to achieve great distances without veering too far off line.

The main vision for these golf irons was to achieve maximum power through the golf ball. So because of this the clubs can achieve great distances but in terms of forgiveness you can definitely get more forgiving irons of the same quality. That being said there is enough forgiveness to see a difference in your golf game, for a new or high handicapper golfer we recommend looking at other iron sets.

Golf Grange Rating: 3/5


In terms of feel, the Wilson D9 Irons gives off a very satisfying sound. Louder than probably what most golfers are used to but even mis-hits sound great on impact.

Most of the feedback from these golf clubs comes through the shaft. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you have struck the golf ball well or not due to the large sweet spot. Most of time you will have to gauge this through where your golf ball ends up.

What you do get with these irons though is a very premium feel and look. The topline with the urethane-filled power holes looks fantastic and when you are at address of the golf ball these clubs instill a feeling of confidence before you have even struck the golf ball.

Golf Grange Rating: 3/5


If you are still here reading that means you are looking for more detailed information on these irons. So lets run through the features and see what the most effective design was for this set.

Power Holes 2.0

So the Power Holes 2.0 are a revolutionary approach to getting higher ball speeds. The way it works is by utilising urethane pockets in the bottom of the club head to create maximum face flex. By flexing the entire face you create an energy transfer effect through the golf ball producing higher speeds and it turn creating more power and distance in your golf shot.

This power hole technology was used in the previous models but since Wilson have changed the power hole layouts and used a generative computer design process to be able come up with a final design that has greater distance but keeps its pinpoint accuracy.

Wilson D9 Power Hole Feature

Ultra-Thin Face

The Ultra-Thin Face is an intelligent design which is similar to the New Power Hole arrangements where it helps tthe face of the club flex in the swing and transfer energy through golf ball which helps to improve ball speeds and an improved launch on impact.

Lowest Centre Of Gravity

These clubs are wilson’s lowest-ever center of gravity irons. The reason behind this is to help improve both the launch angle and improved spin rate. The low center of gravity is a good thing and it really helps players get the ball of the ground as all the weight is being transferred through the base of the club head.

Green-side control is also slightly better with these irons due to the lower center of gravity and you gain more control of your golf ball around the green. Not as much as other golf irons at this price range but these will certainly make a difference.

Wilson D9 Face Construction

Our Final Verdict

Overall these Wilson D9 Forged Irons are a set of great quality golf clubs and would be a good addition to any mid to-high handicappers golfers bag, who is looking for a more consistent shot and also for a player who wants more bite when it comes to striking the golf ball.

With all the added features creating extra power is what these golf irons are good for and should be treated as such. If your looking for an iron to help with back spin or shot shaping we would reccomend not purchasing this set.

If you don't think these irons are quite what your looking for then check out our Best Irons For Mid Handicapper Article.



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