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Wilson Ultra XD Steel Golf Club Set Review - The Golf Grange

Updated: Mar 14

Wilson Ultra XD Steel Golf Package

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Why The Wilson Ultra XD Steel Golf Package?

The Golf Grange Rating 4/5


  • Very Forgiving Clubs

  • All weather grips on all clubs

  • Stylish looking Bag

  • Perfect For Beginners


  • Higher price point for a standard set

  • If you are an experienced golfer you should look for more premium golf clubs.

Let's start off by saying if you are a beginner looking for your first set of golf clubs. The Wilson Ultra XD Steel Golf Package would be perfect for you.

It not only is a great set for the money, but all the clubs have been designed with a beginner golfer in mind. From the Driver to the Sand Wedge all of these clubs are extremely forgiving. So if you have not picked up a golf club before and this is your first set a mis-hit or off centre hit won't be as disastorous as you would think.

Not only will you benefit from the designs of the clubs but the quality of these clubs and the bag is worthy of the Wilson brand name.

When we took this set out onto the golf course we were pleasently suprised with how they performed. Providing solid ball strikes without hitting the ball centre of the club.

Also how the clubs looked and felt, right off the bat you feel confident with these clubs in your hand knowing they are well made.

So if you are a beginner and are looking for a well built and well designed set of golf clubs then these would be perfect for you.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

If you are not a beginner and looking for the next level up check out another set: Wilson Platinum Profile Golf Set

Where To Buy:


American Golf



  • Well Constructed Golf Clubs

  • Includes all the clubs you need for a golf set

  • Stylish Carry Bag / Head Covers

  • 1-Year Guarantee / Steel Iron Shafts / All Weather Grips

What Does This Set Include?

This set is comprised of:

  • Driver

  • Fairway Wood

  • Hybrid Club

  • 6-SW Irons

  • Blade Putter

  • Stylish Stand Bag

  • Head Covers

Golf Club Quality

Usually with a beginners golf club set you dont get as much quality as you would with a set for mid to low handicappers. This is not the case for the Wilson Ultra XD Steel Golf Set, as well as a set of forgiving clubs you get premium quality for a great price.

Lets run through what we found for each club during the testing of this golf set:


Wilson Ultra XD Driver

The Driver in this set is nothing special but it is well constructed and is perfect for beginners and high handicappers.

It aids both distance and forgiveness off the tee due to its design, giving you both confidence and security when striking the golf ball.

So if you are a new golf starter this Driver could have a big impact on your game in our opinion.

Fairway Wood

Wilson Ultra XD Fairway Wood

The Fairway Wood is very similar to the Driver, offering both distance and forgiveness in your golf shots.

The main difference is the ball launching technology, due to a lower weighting in the bottom of the club head you can strike the ball out of almost any lie.

When using this Fairway Wood we found that it was a lot easier to make a good connection with the ball off the floor than many other Fairway wood we have tested.

If you are looking for a stand alone 3 wood then check out our post The Best 3 Wood For Beginnera and High Handicappers


Wilson Ultra XD Hybrid

The Hybrid club is slightly different to its parent clubs. It has been designed with a shallower face which aids the initial ball launch.

The face of this club can inspire confidence due to how shallow it is, having confidence on approach of the ball is one of the keys to a great golf swing.

The Hybrids Sweet Spot is rather large, meaning we weren't getting maximum distance out of this club but we were getting a lot of consistency. Even a Mis hit would result in a fairly decent strike.


Wilson Ultra XD Irons

In terms of forgiveness these irons offer a great deal. This is mainly due to the head shape of the iron. This mixed with the perimeter weighting makes for an easy to hit, consistent set of irons.

If you struggle to get the golf ball off the floor then these irons could be your saviour due to a higher launch angle which helps you get under the golf ball.

We found they were extremely forgiving and easy to hit consistently, also the all weather grips on the clubs feel great in your hands.


The Putter in this set is where the quality falls short. There is nothing special about the Putter included and there are no features that enhance its ability.

It is a standard blade Putter with normal weighting. It will do the job as intended but if your looking for something that can offer you a bit more then check out The Best Golf Putters For Beginners & High Handicappers.

Stand Carry Bag

Wilson Ultra XD Stand Bag

We believe this is the probably the best part of this package set. The stand bag is of premium quality and to be included in a a package set makes it really worth while.

Not only does this golf bag have many pockets for storage and enough dividers for a full set of golf clubs, but it comes with a rain hood for those wet days in the winter.

It is made from lightweight but durable materials. You can tell when using the bags features such as zips and poppers that it is a real steal in a package set because of the quality.

If you buy this set for something, this golf bag would top it.

Who Is This Package Set Best Suited For?

When looking for a new golf set or your first golf set there are many factors you need to consider. Will it improve my golf game? Is it worth the money?

Well we can safely say that in our opinion this golf set is suited for the beginners of the golfing world or someone who is a high handicapper that needs an upgrade of their current clubs.

We believe this because of the forgiveness and consistency these golf clubs offer. Granted you won't be able to do any shot shaping or even applying backspin to the golf ball, but as a beginner and high handicapper all you are trying to do is consistently strike the ball well.

This golf set will help you to achieve this.

One thing we would suggest if you do end up purchasing this set is to replace the putter with a more beginner friendly putter. Blade putters can be very difficult to use for a new golfer.

If this doesn't seem like your kind of golf bag how about checking out some other great sets for beginners and high handicappers here: Rife RX5 Package Set Review

Is It Worth The Money?

A big question when buying a new golf set, is it worth the money? The Wilson Ultra XD Steel Golf Club Set has a lot of great clubs and some great features that can help new and struggling golfers.

In terms of club quality, you will not get much better than these golf clubs. Wilson is a well known brand and quality comes with the name. The clubs are of high quality, the design and manufacturing for a club set at this price is hard to come by.

The golf stand bag that you get in this golf set is of great quality and that alone could be enough to sway you on whether to purchase this set or not. A premium quality bag such as this usually does not come in a package set, so if you do plan on purchasing this then this bag will see you well for a long few years.

In our opinion if you are a beginner looking at a great starter set of golf clubs, or even a high handicapper looking to upgrade your current clubs then these could be perfect for you.

Buyers Experience

As a beginner golfer, I was in search of a quality set of clubs that would help me improve my game without breaking the bank. After researching online and asking for recommendations from more experienced golfers, I decided to purchase the Wilson Ultra XD Steel Package Set.

The first thing I noticed about the clubs was their sleek and modern design.

Another advantage of the Wilson Ultra XD Steel Package Set was the variety of clubs included. The set came with a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and a putter, which made it easy for me to select the right club for each shot.

The bag that came with the set was also spacious enough to hold all of the clubs, balls, and other accessories I needed for a round of golf.

However, I did experience a few downsides with the set. The biggest issue I had was with the durability of the clubs. After a few rounds of golf, I noticed that the clubheads had started to show signs of wear and tear, with scratches and chips on the surface.

Additionally, the grips on the clubs became slick after a few uses, making it difficult to maintain a firm hold on them.

Overall, the Wilson Ultra XD Steel Package Set is a good option for beginner golfers who want a reliable set of clubs at an affordable price.

Where To Buy:


American Golf




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