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Cobra Fly XL Steel Package Set Review - Become A Better Golfer

Updated: Mar 14

Cobra Fly XL Steel Package Set

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Navigating the world of golf equipment can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to find the perfect set that matches your needs and budget.

Our deep knowledge in golf gear has led us to review the Cobra Fly XL Steel Package Set.

Designed mainly for beginners and intermediate players, this set aims to address the challenges golfers often face on the green.

Whether you’ve been grappling with your current clubs or are new to the sport, this review is tailored just for you.

We’ve taken a hands-on approach to give you a thorough analysis.

So, let’s dive in and see if the Cobra Fly XL Steel Package Set could be the game-changer you’ve been seeking!


Equipment: 4.5/5

Price: 4.5/5

Use: 4/5

Overall Golf Grange Rating: 4.3/5



• Clubs designed for optimal balance and swing

•Made from durable, high-grade materials

•Comprehensive package

•Clubs designed for optimal balance and swing

• Modern and sophisticated aesthetic


• Might not cater to the nuances of veteran players

• Some may find the set lacking for specialized shots


• Steel club-heads ensure precision and range

• Enlarged sweet spot for efficient striking

•Grips designed for maximum comfort and control

Where To Buy:


American Golf:

Discount Golf Store:


What’s Included:

• Driver

• Fairway woods

• Hybrid

• Irons (5 through sand wedge)

• Putter

• Premium cart bag


The Cobra Fly XL Steel Package Set driver features an over-sized head for enhanced accuracy and distance.

While its size ensures powerful shots, it might take some getting used to for optimal control.

A perfect pick for those wanting to boost their driving game or newcomers seeking a reliable start.

Fairway Woods

These are crafted to rescue you from challenging positions, steering you to the fairway.


The set’s fairway wood is designed for precise shots from tight spots, with a smaller head than the driver for better control.

It’s the go-to choice for navigating tricky situations on the course, ensuring you get onto the green effectively.

Ideal for those wanting both precision and versatility in their game.

Irons (6 - Sand Wedge):

The set’s irons, ranging from 6 through sand wedge, prioritize forgiveness with perimeter weighting for stable swings.

While they’re designed to support a variety of shots, their primary advantage lies in offering consistency, especially for those still refining their technique.

A must-have for players seeking reliability and gradual improvement on the green.


The putter in the ‘Cobra Fly XL Steel Package Set’ emphasizes precision and control.

With a soft, comfortable grip and a balanced design, it aids in sinking crucial putts.

Although it may require some adaptation for those new to blade putters, its design ensures enhanced accuracy for those pivotal short-range shots.

Ideal for players aiming for consistency on the green.


All in all, the Cobra Fly XL steel package set offers a meticulously crafted collection of clubs suitable for the evolving player.

While it may not boast the extensive customization seen in high-tier sets, its balance, design, and overall usability make it a prized possession, especially for those on the lookout for quality without exorbitant prices.

Who Is This Set Designed For?

The Cobra Fly XL steel package is tailored for intermediate players.

For those transitioning from a beginner’s phase and not keen on heavy investment initially, this set is a gem.

It also appeals to occasional golfers not keen on top-tier sets but wanting quality.

Prioritizing comfort and user-friendliness, the set’s soft grips ensure optimal control, preventing slip-related mishaps.

However, for golf enthusiasts with very particular tastes or those seeking extensive customization, this might not be the ideal pick.

If you are look I g for something different check out the Wilson Profile Platinum Golf Set.

Is It Worth The Investment?

Absolutely! The Cobra Fly XL steel package set offers an impeccable blend of quality, design, and pricing.

While it might not be the pinnacle of personalisation, its balanced design and top-tier materials ensure that you golf in style and efficiency.

Player Testimonials

“When I transitioned from being a beginner, the vast array of golf sets available was overwhelming.

The Cobra Fly XL steel package set, with its comprehensive range and user-friendly design, has been a game-changer. Particularly, the putter, with its grip and balance, has drastically improved my game.

The driver took some getting used to, but with practice, my shots have been on point. Highly recommend this set for those progressing in their golf journey.”

Conclusion of the Cobra Fly XL Steel Package Set

For intermediate golfers or occasional players seeking an all-inclusive, quality solution, the Cobra Fly XL steel package set stands out.

With clubs engineered for optimal strikes and balance, it’s ideal for those refining their golf skills.

While veteran players with specific requirements might seek more specialized sets, for most, the Cobra Fly XL offers an unmatched blend of quality, design, and value.

About Cobra Golf

Cobra Golf, an established name in the golfing world, is recognized for its innovation and superior quality products.

With a rich history and commitment to enhancing the golfer’s experience, Cobra Golf consistently introduces products that cater to players at various skill levels.

From groundbreaking technology in drivers to a diverse range of clubs, Cobra Golf emphasizes research, quality, and user design.

Cobra Golf’s commitment to tailored solutions is evident in their custom fitting programs, catering to individual swing patterns, physiques, and play styles.

In essence, Cobra Golf, with its dedication to quality, innovation, and customization, has garnered trust and loyalty among a diverse golfing community.



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