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Srixon Z545 Irons Review - Forged Iron Set For Golf

What Do We Know About The Srixon Z545 Irons

As far as a golf club goes the irons are some of the most used clubs in the bag. Getting the right iron set for your ability will be the best way to start reducing your scores and enjoying your golf. Usually, a smooth feel and turf interaction play a massive part in choosing the best irons.

The Srixon Z545 Irons offer this and if you choose these as your golf clubs then you will start to see a big difference on the golf course. We believe these are definitely game improvement irons.

Having forgiving irons is crucial as a beginner and a high handicapper and getting a set that offers this can make a big difference. These irons are perfect for a new player or someone who likes to play a casual game of golf.

With a basic colour scheme of grey, black and silver these are quite unassuming to look at. This is not saying they look bad as they are still slick and have a futuristic feel to them, no matter at what stage of golf you are in the last thing you want to do is look down at a bunch of scrap metal.

With these you won't be.


  • Accuracy & Forgiveness in these clubs is great and it offers golfers at a lower skill level great ease of use and a smooth incredible feel.

  • Greater Distance is offered from these Srixon Irons, there are other irons that can offer greater distance capabilities over the Z545 irons but not with the forgiveness that these offer.

  • Feel is important in golf clubs and the Srixon Z545 Irons have this in abundance. The distributed weight of the club helps to create a smooth stable swing.


  • For this price point there are irons that can offer both more forgiveness and more distance but not in the same club. You would have to buy a set of irons for just extra distance or just extra forgiveness. For better players we would recommend looking at some more advanced golf irons sets.

Long Irons

All the irons include a Tour V.T. Sole, what this helps to do is reduce the trailing bounce after you have hit the ball which in turn will decrease your shot dispersion. This makes for an insanely smooth feel for a set of clubs at this price point. The sole profile and carbon steel bodies of the new tour VT sole is a great feature of these clubs and to be included in a set of irons at this price is a great value in the market today.

The turf resistance sole helps to glide through the turn during your golf swing making for an even smoother feel. This is due to the leading edge having a thinner topliner than other irons. A tungsten toe weight helps to balance the head making for more chance of gliding through the turf. The smoother the feel the more trajectory control you have, and the club face is less likely to be bouncing around, for the most part you will be able to control it.

This is especially good for you longer irons as there is a lot more room for error. High handicap golfers will enjoy the fact that these Sup10 Steel Faces have a rather large sweet spot and a forgiving cavity-back profile.

In the 3-6 Irons there is a tungsten weight included which helps to gain a more consistent and smoother swing. You do not usually see this in a set of irons at this price, these can make a big difference to your consistency and if you can consistently hit your long irons well it can be a big help.

Distance with these irons has been thoroughly looked at and Srixon have confident distance control during testing. Usually, manufacturers have to sacrifice distance for a more forgiving iron, but the design team at Srixon have managed to include both more forgiveness and more distance in the same game-improvement irons. The weights included in these irons help to create faster ball speeds which in turn makes a better ball flight which increases the amount of distance that can be achieved.

Short Irons

The double laser milled face helps to give a good stable spin performance which for the new golfer and high handicapper would be an adequate amount of spin. If your more experienced and are looking to put a lot of spin on the golf ball then you may want to look at more advanced iron sets.

The weight in the shorter irons is very well distributed within the club, this helps to create a smooth and stable swing path, this is down to the true temper dynamic gold shaft which helps to hold all of the club together and give you a consistent feel and produce consistent spin on the ball.

Our Verdict

So, after playing a couple of rounds with these clubs and getting on the range and really pushing them we have come up with a few take aways.

These clubs are great for new players and high handicappers or even someone who likes to play on occasion.

The forgiveness and distance control has a great feel and again is great for the high handicappers and beginner golfers.

The soft carbon steel forged head makes for an insanely smooth swing and the double laser milling on the club face is great for a small amount of spin.

If you were to get these as your new irons, you would not be disappointed. So, get these on your golf equipment list.



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