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Nike React Golf Shoes - Review & Buying Guide

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Nike React Golf Shoes
Nike React Golf Shoes

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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Nike React Golf Shoes - Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes

Price: £90-£130

Golf Grange Rating: 4.5/5

Key Features:

  • Breathable Support

  • Cushioned Responsiveness

  • Innovative Traction

  • 1-Year Waterproof Warranty

Why The Nike React Golf Shoes?

Everybody knows the brand Nike when it comes to sport and if you have not you must have been living under a rock. Nike are at the forefront of a lot of sports equipment and golf is just another sport they excel in. With Tiger Woods one of Golf's greatest, being a big advocate of Nike and also Rory Mcilroy wearing a pair of Nike Golf Shoes. How can you look past them? The Nike React Golf Shoes tick all the boxes, style, comfort and performance.

You will not go wrong buying a pair of Nike shoes we can promise you that. They are a great intermediate golf shoe, on the mid-range price bracket that offer high specifications for a golf shoe and are really worth paying the extra money for.


When you look at the Nike React Golf Shoes they scream comfort. With their signature slightly bulky design these golf shoes offer a lot of cushioning around the foot. The Nike design team have used revolutionary React lightweight and durable foam that helps to deliver a soft and responsive ride to the shoe. With an added foam sockliner this golf shoe just gives you that feeling of revolutionary cushioning around the foot providing that extra comfort we would all want.

Not only will these golf shoes keep your feet comfortable with all their cushioning technology, but they deliver a nice breathable support system that helps to keep your foot cool during your round of golf. This is done using a breathable textile upper used in the golf shoe adding yet another element of extra comfort.

Another bonus of these shoes is that it is covered in the flexible NikeSkin technology that helps to keep out water and helps to aid the cleaning of the shoe. So after a particularly wet or muddy round it is very easy just to give them a wipe and let them dry out and your good for your next round of golf,

One problem with the Infinity Pro golf shoes is that they can come in a bit narrow, and we recommend you order a 1/2 size above what you would usually get for a more comfortable feel. They might feel a little tight to begin with but after the material has stretched out over a few holes golf course they will feel great, and you will have no worries. So, if you do decide to get a pair of the Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes then just bear this in mind for when you first try them on.


So we have discussed how the these shoes will offer you some great comfort (if you get the right size we suggest above), but for some people comfort is not what they are looking for in a golf shoe. The performance of these golf shoes will push you towards the idea of buying these golf shoes. They are also very robust and as long as you keep them in good conditions by cleaning them after every round and ensuring they dry out properly they will last you a good couple of years. If you need help knowing how to clen your golf shoes then please check out our article on The Best Way To Clean Your Golf Shoes & The Best Golf Shoe Cleaner.

The Nike React Golf Shoes have a built-in midfoot overlay with an internal heel counter.This is referred to as the Nike React Technology The internal heel counter help by stabilising your foot through your swing. These small changes may not seem like much but when you add them all together, they can make a big difference to your game.

Nike React Golf Shoes Sole View
Nike React Golf Shoes Sole View

So let's talk about the spikes and the traction elements on the bottom of these Golf shoes. The spikes that are used offer exceptional grip and traction throughout your round. Nike use Piston spikes and a data-informed traction pattern to utilise the whole sole of the shoe so that every point of contact helps with traction and grip. The spikes compress with pressure meaning you get a better energy return during your swing and walking the course.


Now Nike have always been good at creating exceptional looking sports clothing and apparel and here at The Golf Grange we think that this is reflected in this golf shoe. The Nike React Golf Shoes has a very simplistic design, yet it looks very modern, the look of the shoe reflects the technology inside which is always a bonus they don't just look the part, they are the part.

Available in both white and black versions, these golf shoes have great wearability and depending on your style you can choose a design which suits you. We prefer the white ones, because when it is mixed with the colour of the tick, we believe it just gives a sort of professional edge to the golf shoe. So, whatever you decide to buy know that you will look great in any of the designs you choose.


So, let's sum up the Nike React Golf Shoes, these shoes are definitely worth the money and for a mid-level golf shoe they offer a lot of high specifications. There is definitely better golf footwear on the market, but you could be looking at adding an extra £50-£100 to the price. So, for any player of any ability these golf shoes will serve you well.

Nike React Golf Shoes Back View
Nike React Golf Shoes Back View

These shoes are very comfortable and can help if you get sore feet on the golf course. The foam is designed to offer a lot of extra cushioning to the foot, and they will be well ventilated. As far as performance goes there are a few designs that can help you, the heel counter to help stabilise your swing and the spike and traction system on the bottom of these shoes help to keep you grounded and provide excellent grip, and with any golf shoe in this day and age it has waterproof protection.

As we have suggested, order a 1/2 size bigger in the shoe as these can be quite narrow and you don't want your feet crammed together like a tin sardines.

So, all in all the Nike React Golf Shoes are a great buy for any golfer. They keep you comfortable, they keep you stabilised, and we think they look fantastic. For the same price you may not find a better golf shoe.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Get Your Pair on Amazon Here:



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