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2024 Spalding Tour Steel Golf Set Review: Ideal for New Golfers

Updated: Mar 27

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Why The Spalding Tour Steel Package Set?

The Golf Grange Rating: 4/5


- Graphite Shafts for Driver and Hybrid

- Forgiving Irons

- Great Value for Money


- Bag is not great.

For those taking their first swing at golf or looking to step up their game without breaking the bank, the Spalding Tour Steel Package Set presents itself as a strong contender.

This set is engineered for players who aren’t yet hitting the long balls but are eager to improve. Including a driver, hybrid, 6-SW irons, and a putter, along with headcovers for the driver and hybrid, it offers a comprehensive toolkit for the budding golfer.

The standout feature of this set is undoubtedly the graphite shafts on the driver and hybrid. Designed to add a whip-like effect during the downstroke, these shafts can significantly increase power, especially for players with slower swing speeds.

This enhancement is particularly beneficial for new players, aiding in distance without the need for perfect technique.

However, every rose has its thorn, and in this case, it’s the golf bag. While the clubs themselves offer great value, the included bag does not match the overall quality of the set.

We recommend considering an upgrade for a more durable and functional option.

Where To Buy:


This set includes:

- Driver with Graphite Shaft

- Hybrid with Graphite Shaft

- 6-SW Irons

- Putter

- Headcovers for the Driver and Hybrid

Designed with the new golfer in mind, the Spalding Tour Steel Package Set shines in delivering a forgiving experience across the board.

The irons are constructed to offer a generous sweet spot, reducing the penalty for off-center hits and helping to build confidence on the course.

This forgiveness, coupled with the power-boosting graphite shafts, makes the set a fantastic choice for those looking to develop their game.

Golf Club Quality

The quality of the Spalding Tour Steel Package Set is impressive for its price range. The clubs are well-constructed, with the graphite shafts on the driver and hybrid being a highlight for their ability to enhance swing speed and distance for slower swingers.

The irons are forgiving and consistent, fostering an enjoyable learning curve for beginners. The only drawback is the quality of the golf bag, which does not live up to the standard set by the clubs.

Let's dive into each club with a little more detail.


Spaulding Tour Driver

The driver in the Spalding Tour Steel Package Set stands out for its graphite shaft, offering increased power and distance for new golfers and those with slower swings.

This design caters especially to beginners, enhancing playability and confidence on the fairway, though it may lack the advanced customization options preferred by more seasoned players.

Fairway Wood

Spaulding Tour Fairway Wood

The fairway woods in the Spalding Tour Steel Package Set excel with their graphite shafts, aiding players with slower swings by improving distance and ease of use.

Ideal for beginners, these woods help in achieving greater shot coverage and consistency on the course, yet they might not meet the precise customization needs of advanced golfers.


Spaulding Tour Irons

The irons in the Spalding Tour Steel Package Set are designed for forgiveness, making them perfect for beginners.

They offer a large sweet spot for more consistent and accurate shots, crucial for players developing their skills. While these irons excel in user-friendliness and reliability, experienced golfers might seek irons that offer more shot-shaping capabilities.


Spaulding Tour Putter

The putter in the Spalding Tour Steel Package Set provides a straightforward, balanced design aimed at helping beginners improve their accuracy on the greens.

Its user-friendly nature promotes confidence in putting, though advanced players may prefer a putter with more specialized features for enhanced control.

Stand bag

Spaulding Tour Steel Package Set

The stand bag included in the Spalding Tour Steel Package Set, while functional, falls short in quality compared to the rest of the set.

It lacks durability and the premium features that more experienced golfers might expect, such as ample storage or comfortable straps for ease of carrying.

This aspect of the set might prompt players to consider an upgrade sooner for a better golfing experience.

Who Is This Package Set Best Suited For?

The Spalding Tour Steel Package Set is ideally suited for newcomers to golf or those with slower swing speeds seeking improvement without a hefty price tag.

Its combination of forgiving irons and power-enhancing graphite shafts in the driver and hybrid makes it a wise choice for learners. The set is tailored to provide a supportive start in golf, ensuring that new players can enjoy and grow in the game.

Is It Worth The Money?

Considering the comprehensive features, the quality of the clubs, and the price point, the Spalding Tour Steel Package Set represents exceptional value for money for the beginner golfer.

While the bag may require an upgrade, the performance and construction of the clubs themselves make this set a worthwhile investment for those entering the world of golf.

Buyer’s Experience

For new golfers seeking a solid start in the game without overspending, the Spalding Tour Steel Package Set offers an appealing mix of quality, performance, and value.

The graphite shafts provide a noticeable boost in power for those with slower swings, and the forgiving nature of the irons allows for a more pleasant learning experience.

Though the bag might soon need replacing, the overall satisfaction with the clubs makes this set a smart choice for beginners ready to take their first steps on the golf course.



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